Art is my passion. It is a meditative spiritual act, allowing me to turn off my mind and feel, experiment and trust my instincts. Sometimes it works aesthetically, other times it does not, but the process is just as valuable. I have learned to embrace the mistakes, and use them to add expression. A mistake to me might speak to someone else. My aim is towards realism, but as I approach it, it gets distorted by my interpretation. My style is expressive, chaotic and gestural up close, but resolves at a distance. Kind of like life. I am ever in wonder of this planet, the life on it and the deep mysteries of the universe.

I love that visual art is a language beyond words, expressions that cannot be spoken. Seen differently and interpreted individually, I believe there is a message for each person in a piece of art. The best part of art is what can be done with it - to encourage and inspire one another. I am privileged to have this gift to share with others.